[66][67], The anti-corruption lobby Transparency International put Equatorial Guinea in the top 12 of its list of most corrupt states. The government refused to extend the producing contract following the failure of the company to secure project funding. Israelis and Moroccans also live and work here. Equatorial Guinea (Spanish: ... More important events such as the conflict in Cuba and the eventual Spanish–American War kept Madrid busy at an inopportune moment. Between 1778 and 1810, the territory of what became Equatorial Guinea was administered by the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata, based in Buenos Aires. Formerly the colony of Spanish Guinea, its post-independence name evokes its location near both the Equator and the Gulf of Guinea. [56], The current president of Equatorial Guinea is Teodoro Obiang. Prime Minister Francisco Pascual Obama Asue was appointed by Obiang and operates under powers delegated by the President. Most of the media companies practice self-censorship, and are banned by law from criticising public figures. After independence, thousands of Equatorial Guineans went to Spain. [13] Reporters Without Borders ranks President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo among its "predators" of press freedom. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the Creative Commons CC0 License; all unstructured text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. [citation needed], During the four decades of his rule, Obiang has shown little tolerance for opposition. HISTORY OF EQUATORIAL GUINEA including Colonial rule, Independence. For the USSR, there was an advantage to be gained in the War in Angola from access to Luba base and later on to Malabo International Airport. A transitional agreement, signed in October 1968, implemented a Spanish pre-independence decision to assist Equatorial Guinea and provided for the temporary maintenance of Spanish forces there. The pressure they could bring to bear was weak, but the general trend in West Africa was not, and by the late 1960s much of the African continent had been granted independence. Matchday 16. Mr Obiang, who is vice-president of Equatorial Guinea, arrived in Brazil on Friday on board a private jet. Event: The Government of Equatorial Guinea officially confirmed an end to confinement measures in the main cities and announced the relaxation of many COVID-19-related restrictions beginning June 15, 2020. [4] There is one GSM mobile telephone operator, with coverage of Malabo, Bata, and several mainland cities. However, when Equatorial Guinea applied to extend the deadline for completing EITI validation, the EITI Board did not agree to the extension. Petro de Luanda moved last Saturday to the second stage of the race of access to the final phase of the African Champion Clubs Cup, after drawing 2-2 with Akonangui of Equatorial-Guinea. This first phase of downscaling included the reopening of the hotel and catering sector. Some Equatorial Guinean communities are also found in Latin America, the United States, Portugal, and France. In response, the Spanish declared that they would hold a constitutional convention on 27 October 1967 to negotiate a new constitution for an independent Equatorial Guinea. Bioko, the site of the capital, Malabo, lies about 40 kilometers (25 mi) off the coast of Cameroon. [citation needed], With Liberian workers no longer available, planters of Fernando Po turned to Rio Muni. [26], The plantations of Fernando Pó were mostly run by a black Creole elite, later known as Fernandinos. Diplomatic relations between the two countries were never broken but were suspended by Spain in March 1977 in the wake of renewed disputes. Equatorial Guinea holds regular elections, but the voting is neither free nor fair. Equatorial Guinea International Restrictions: Equatorial Guinea has reopened its borders to nationals, residents, diplomats and visa holders travelling for business reasons or with government approval. [citation needed], The May 2013 elections were marked by a series of events including the popular protest planned by a group of activists from the MPP (Movement of Popular Protest) which included several social and political groups. The Equatorial Guinea expat guide will help you to settle down in Equatorial Guinea. Equatorial Guinea News & Current Events. World Regions Africa Asia Central America Europe Middle East North America Oceania South America The Caribbean. Equatorial Guinea’s first decade of freedom was dark because of the incompetent and brutal rule of the president, Macias Nguema. These dialects, while still intelligible, are more distinct. It is still the language of education and administration. Overseas Security Advisory Council Bureau of Diplomatic Security U.S. Department of State Upcoming Events See All There is no matching data to display [90] However freight carriers provide service from European cities to the capital. According to Human Rights Watch, the dictatorship of President Obiang used an oil boom to entrench and enrich itself further at the expense of the country's people. Between the 17th and 19th centuries, Bantu tribes migrated to the area. The Bata Medical School is supported principally by the government of Cuba and staffed by Cuban medical educators and physicians. [17][18] The earliest settlements on Bioko Island are dated to AD 530. The country was also chosen to host the 2008 Women's African Football Championship, which they won. [64], In 2006, Obiang signed an anti-torture decree banning all forms of abuse and improper treatment in Equatorial Guinea, and commissioned the renovation and modernization of Black Beach prison in 2007 to ensure the humane treatment of prisoners. Equatorial Guinea was a Spanish colony on 2 separate occasions: between 1778 and 1810 and from 1844 to 1968. Equatorial Guinea at the Summer Olympics; Equatorial Guinea women's football team at the FIFA Women's World Cup; Past sporting events hosted in Equatorial Guinea. A quarter of the entire population had fled abroad, they said, while 'the prisons are overflowing and to all intents and purposes form one vast concentration camp'. Madrid only partly backed the explorations of men like Manuel Iradier who had signed treaties in the interior as far as Gabon and Cameroon, leaving much of the land out of 'effective occupation' as demanded by the terms of the 1885 Berlin Conference. This first phase of downscaling included the reopening of the hotel and catering sector. [27] A freed slave from the West Indies by way of Sierra Leone named William Pratt established the cocoa crop on Fernando Pó, forever altering the destiny of the colony. Source: Google News. Mr Obiang, who is vice-president of Equatorial Guinea, arrived in Brazil on Friday on board a private jet. [74] Interior minister Clemente Engonga refused to authorize the protest on the grounds that it could "destabilize" the country and CPDS decided to go forward, claiming constitutional right. In what is now modern Equatorial Guinea, there are believed to originally have been pygmy inhabitants. Much of his campaigning involved visiting rural areas of Río Muni and promising young Fang that they would have the houses and wives of the Spanish if they voted for him. [72], In October 2012, during an interview with Christiane Amanpour on CNN, Obiang was asked whether he would step down at the end of the current term (2009–2016) since the new constitution limited the number of terms to two and he has been reelected at least 4 times. [25], In 1844, the British returned the island to Spanish control and the area became known as the "Territorios Españoles del Golfo de Guinea." Equatorial Guinea spans several ecoregions. [101][102][103] It also recognises long historical ties with Portugal, and with Portuguese-speaking peoples of Brazil, São Tomé and Príncipe, and Cape Verde. The new constitution also introduced the figure of a vice president and called for the creation of a 70-member senate with 55 senators elected by the people and the 15 remaining designated by the president. In 1979, Lieutenant Colonel Teodoro Obiang, his nephew, overthrew President Nguema through a military coup. 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Without a point after two games, Equatorial Guinea will be desperate to start a revival with a win over Libya. Between 2002 and 2005, the GDP skyrocketed from $1.27 billion to $25.69 billion. Obiang answered he refused to step aside because the new constitution was not retroactive and the two- term limit would only become applicable from 2016. Equatorial Guinea Weather. [68], Obiang was re-elected to serve an additional term in 2009 in an election the African Union deemed "in line with electoral law". Equatorial Guinea’s first decade of freedom was dark because of the incompetent and brutal rule of the president, Macias Nguema. He was tried and executed soon afterward, with Obiang succeeding him as a less bloody, but still authoritarian president. You can watch Equatorial Guinea vs. Libya live stream online if you are registered member of U-TV, the leading online betting company that has streaming coverage for more than 140.000 live sports events with live betting during the year. Minimal government backing for mainland annexation came as a result of public opinion and a need for labour on Fernando Pó. In between there is gradual transition. Overseas Security Advisory Council Bureau of Diplomatic Security U.S. Department of State Upcoming Events See All There is no matching data to display [112], In June 2014 four cases of polio were reported, the country's first outbreak of the disease. In fact, during the period from 1997 to 2001, the country experienced an average GDP growth of 41.6% per year. More important events such as the conflict in Cuba and the eventual Spanish–American War kept Madrid busy at an inopportune moment. [32] Between 1914 and 1930, an estimated 10,000 Liberians went to Fernando Po under a labour treaty that was stopped altogether in 1930. Expatriates mastering this language, as well as French would thus find it easy to adapt to their new environment. [40] The Spanish (ruled by Franco) had backed Macías in the election due to his perceived loyalty, however while on the campaign trail he had proven to be far less easy to handle than they had expected. Equatorial Guinea is the only sovereign African state in which Spanish is an official language. It also contains information on large gatherings requirements. The government financed an Instituto Internacional da Língua Portuguesa (IILP) sociolinguistic study in Annobón. Under President Obiang, the illiteracy rate dropped from 73% to 13%,[4] and the number of primary school students rose from 65,000 in 1986 to more than 100,000 in 1994. [4] Portuguese was also adopted as an official language in 2010. [19] The Annobón population, originally native to Angola, was introduced by the Portuguese via São Tomé island. [79][80] The other seven provinces are as follows (numbers correspond to those on the map; provincial capitals appear in parentheses):[77], The provinces are further divided into 19 districts and 37 municipalities. It is one of the smallest countries in continental Africa, and comprises two regions: a Continental Region (Ro Muni); and an Insular Region containing Annobn island, Bioko island (formerly Fernando Po) where the capital of Malabo is situated, and several offshore islands like Corisco. The International Committee of the Red Cross began running relief flights out of Equatorial Guinea, but Macías quickly became spooked and shut the flights down, refusing to allow them to fly diesel fuel for their trucks nor oxygen tanks for medical operations. The other islands are … The principal means of communication within Equatorial Guinea are 3 state-operated FM radio stations. Out of a population of 300,000, an estimated 80,000 were killed. Some 20% of children die before age 5 and more than 50% of the population lacks access to clean drinking water. Equatorial Guinea International Restrictions: Equatorial Guinea has reopened its borders to nationals, residents, diplomats and visa holders travelling for business reasons or with government approval. Due to epidemics Spain did not invest much in the colony, and in 1862 an outbreak of yellow fever killed many of the whites that had settled on the island. Every airline registered in Equatorial Guinea appears on the list of air carriers prohibited in the European Union (EU) which means that they are banned from operating services of any kind within the EU. Discos and beaches remain closed. [citation needed], The greatest constraint to economic development was a chronic shortage of labour. Yet despite its impressive GNI figure, Equatorial Guinea is plagued by extreme poverty because its Gini coefficient of 65.0 is the highest in the entire world. At the same time measures were taken to battle sleeping sickness and leprosy in the enclave, and by 1967 the number of hospital beds per capita in Equatorial Guinea was higher than Spain itself, with 1637 beds in 16 hospitals. The commitment followed the Bank Board’s approval of Equatorial Guinea’s Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for 2018-2022, in Abidjan on Wednesday, 5 August 2018. [111] Their program consists of twice-yearly indoor residual spraying (IRS), the introduction of artemisinin combination treatment (ACTs), the use of intermittent preventive treatment in pregnant women (IPTp), and the introduction of very high coverage with long-lasting insecticide-treated mosquito nets (LLINs). [100] The Annobonese ethnic community tried to gain membership in the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP). In 2014 the South African-Dutch-Equatorial Guinean drama film Where the Road Runs Out was shot in the country. [citation needed], The opening years of the twentieth century saw a new generation of Spanish immigrants. 67.6% of Equatorial Guineans can speak it, especially those living in the capital, Malabo. Archbishop Juan Nsue Edjang Mayé, Metropolitan Archbishop of Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) and President of Episcopal Conference of Equatorial Guinea, was appointed as President of Association of Episcopal Conferences of the Central Africa Region. Also, the timber companies needed increasing numbers of workers, and the spread of coffee cultivation offered an alternative means of paying taxes[clarification needed]. Dialects of Fang are also spoken in parts of neighboring Cameroon (Bulu) and Gabon. The traders used the Spanish Peseta introduced to the country by the colonial masters. The Republic of Equatorial Guinea is a West African country, the only one on the continent having Spanish as its official language. [120] There are two newspapers and two magazines. Later, the Fang arrived and may have generated the Bubi tribe, who moved into Bioko from Cameroon in waves. Most Popular United States of America China France Italy Canada Spain India Brazil Mexico. This is the official website of the U.S. Embassy in Equatorial Guinea. According to the Encyclopedia of the Stateless Nations (2002) 7% of Bioko islanders were Igbo, an ethnic group from southeastern Nigeria. [95] Equatorial Guinea received Asians and native Africans from other countries as workers on cocoa and coffee plantations. [34], Rio Muni had a small population, officially a little over 100,000 in the 1930s, and escape across the frontiers into Cameroun or Gabon was very easy. The vote on the constitution was taken though neither the text or its content was revealed to the public before the vote. 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The censorship was implemented by redirecting online searches to the official government website. Latest news and breaking news from Equatorial Guinea: Ecuatorial Guinea, is a country located in Central Africa, with an area of 28,000 square kilometres (11,000 sq mi). It is the first feature film openly critical of Obiang's regime. Covering the latest oil and gas news including shale, lng, drilling, exploration and production. Simon Mann was released from prison on 3 November 2009 for humanitarian reasons. [4] The only telephone provider in Equatorial Guinea is Orange. Due to the large oil industry in the country, internationally recognized carriers fly to Malabo International Airport which, in May 2014, had several direct connections to Europe and West Africa. 1998. [46] Apart from allegedly committing genocide against the ethnic minority Bubi people, Macias Nguema ordered the deaths of thousands of suspected opponents, closed down churches and presided over the economy's collapse as skilled citizens and foreigners fled the country. In 1940, an estimated 20% of the colony's cocoa production came from African-owned land, nearly all of it was in the hands of Fernandinos. Mia Hamm. It is the 141st largest country in the world in terms of land area with 28,050 square kilometers (10,830 square miles). Equatorial Guinea at the Summer Olympics; Equatorial Guinea women's football team at the FIFA Women's World Cup; Past sporting events hosted in Equatorial Guinea. Tourist attractions are the colonial quarter in Malabo, the southern part of the island Bioko where you can hike to the Iladyi cascades and to remote beaches to watch nesting turtles, Bata with its shoreline Paseo Maritimo and the tower of liberty, Mongomo with its basilica (the second largest Catholic church in Africa) and the new planned and built capital Ciudad de la Paz. The discovery of large oil reserves in 1996 and its subsequent exploitation contributed to a dramatic increase in government revenue. International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) Strömsborg, SE-103 34 Stockholm, Sweden Tel: +46 8 698 37 00 The crew landed on São Tomé instead where they were imprisoned by the Portuguese authorities after having lost over 80% of their men to sickness. Noncreolized Portuguese is used as liturgical language by local Catholics. The Republic of Equatorial Guinea is a country in Central Africa. Equatorial Guinea was a famous trade route for the West African slave trade. [31] Iradier himself died in despair in 1911, and it would be decades before his achievements would be recognised by Spanish popular opinion when the port of Cogo was renamed Puerto Iradier in his honour. L'Anthropologie 102 (2) : 213–217, Sánchez-Elipe Lorente (M.). Annobón Island is about 350 kilometers (220 mi) west-south-west of Cape Lopez in Gabon. SourceSecurity.com features news from security companies, security applications and events & trade shows in Equatorial Guinea. Its oil production has risen to 360,000 barrels per day (57,000 m3/d), up from 220,000 only two years earlier. The city of Malabo founded by the British in 1827 became the country’s capital in 1969 replacing Bata.
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