/* Block Pagination */ .visible-lg{display:none !important;} } padding-right: 1px; line-height: 24px; overflow-x: hidden; opacity: 0.75; } TYPOGRAPHY margin-left: -8px; font: normal normal 18px 'Montserrat', sans-serif; .m-navigation ul > li { border: 0; text-transform: uppercase; content: ""; .FollowByEmail .follow-by-email-inner:before { .recent-feeds { .featured-posts .nav-arrows.featured-next { } } } } .post .post-actions .post-items,.post .post-actions .post-avatar { color: #aaa; Recipe from goodhousekeeping.co.uk. .PageList li a {font-family: "Open Sans";} max-width: 100% !important; background-color: #e8e8e8; background-color: #e8e8e8; .m-menu-offcanvas .m-close span:after{ .col-lg-offset-7{margin-left:58.33333333%;} margin-bottom: 30px; cursor: default; border-left: 8px solid transparent !important; position: absolute; .post .post-image img { } .col-lg-push-6{left:50%;} margin-bottom: 5px; .col-sm-push-12{left:100%;} .m-menu .toggle span:before { Oh My!!!! #main .contact-form input { animation-delay: 0s; .col-md-push-1{left:8.33333333%;} #wrapper .main-wrap { .promo_boxes { Updated: March 2017 } width: 25px; overflow: hidden; .FeaturedPost .comments { } .col-xs-pull-1{right:8.33333333%;} width:100%!important; color: #161616; } .blog-pager a:before, .grid-posts.style2 .item .item-post-meta .post-author a { height: 1px; display: inline-block; } display: none; } overflow-x: hidden; padding:20px; } margin-left: -1px; background: #f5f5f5 none repeat scroll top left; position: relative; SINGLE POST -webkit-transform: translateY(0); margin-left: 0; display: none; .col-xs-6{width:50%;} color: #ccc; /* WIDGET : FLICKR GALLERY */ opacity: .9; // -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; display: block; background: #ffffff; text-decoration: none !important; #comments ul, .col-sm-push-7{left:58.33333333%;} 03. background: #ffffff; .col-lg-10{width:83.33333333%;} .col-sm-push-3{left:25%;} /* BLOCKQUOTE */ .featured-posts:hover .nav-arrows { .grid-posts .item .item-overlay { .contact-form label { padding: 10px 30px; font-size: 14px; Use the 'tagName' option. float: right; .swiper-container-vertical > .swiper-pagination .swiper-pagination-bullet{margin:5px 0;display:block;} text-transform: uppercase; @media (min-width:768px) and (max-width:991px){.visible-sm{display:block !important;} 0% { /* ================================================================= } position: relative; margin-top: 0; width:64px; max-width: 100% !important; .m-navigation ul > li > ul > li > a{ content: '\f105'; font-size:13px; .col-sm-pull-12{right:100%;} padding: 9px 21px 7px; padding: 20px; -ms-user-select: initial; width: 100% !important; } } .ContactForm .contact-form-widget textarea, -webkit-box-sizing: border-box; /* Animation */ margin-left: 5px; } .flickr-widget li { opacity: .5; .popular-posts ul li .item-thumbnail { } } width: 100%; transform: translateY(0); } body { } @media (min-width:992px) and (max-width:1199px){.hidden-md{display:none !important;} .m-navigation ul > li > ul > .parent > a:after { line-height: 1.7; margin-right: 0; .post .single -author .author-content span a { Please don't attempt to leave spam or comments with links. } .arrow-left-icon:before, } .m-menu .toggle span, .swiper-container-3d .swiper-wrapper, } float: right; float: right; vertical-align: middle; .FeaturedPost .comments:before { input[type="checkbox"], margin-bottom: 0; } FEATURED POSTS SLIDER & GRID SLIDER padding: 100px 0; color:#4e4d4c; color: #161616; clear: both; position:absolute; top: 11px; letter-spacing: 1px; .social-footer .widget { line-height: 40px; ================================================== */ .visible-xs, SOCIAL FOOTER } display: block; margin-top: 60px; float: left; #main { .swiper-slide .featured-title { padding: 0; errorMsg1 = "The page you were looking for could not be found. margin-right: 10px; } display: block; padding-left: 5px; margin: 0 auto 18px; padding: 40px !important; .social-header ul li { This is my grandmother's Southern homemade peach cobbler recipe, handed down to my mother in Louisiana. display: block; background-color: #e8e8e8; } .post-block .item { display: block; 04. opacity: .7; display: block; transition: 1s; Search triple tested recipes from the Good Housekeeping Cookery Team. display:table-cell; } } font-style: italic; margin-right:25px; } .main-wrap.has-right-sidebar #main { display: block; margin-bottom: 5px !important; padding-right: 10px !important; .social-footer a span { margin-bottom: 0; .swiper-slide{-webkit-flex-shrink:0;-ms-flex:0 0 auto;flex-shrink:0;width:100%;height:100%;position:relative;} position: relative; .social-header { font-weight: 400; background-color: #fbe2dd; } } transform: translateY(0); text-decoration: none; } body#layout #promo-col3 { float: left; float: left; .search .toggle:hover{ } text-transform: uppercase; .col-md-9{width:75%;} } .col-xs-2{width:16.66666667%;} text-transform: uppercase; float: none; .post-pagination a:hover .psub{ navPrev = "Previous Article", text-align: justify; float: none !important; .grid-area .widget { .sidebar .widget { font: normal normal 18px 'Montserrat', sans-serif; background-color: #ef9d87; vertical-align:middle; } fish stew (good housekeeping) restaurant 222 peach cobbler spicy stir-fried tofu with snow peas, peanut butter, and mushrooms contadina® mini meatloaves with tomato glaze allrecipes ... greek-style nachos parmesan polenta and spicy sausage sauce | myrecipes four-cheese pizza - pillsbury.com loaded baked potato slab pie raw cucumber soup (gluten and dairy-free) gobi aloo (indian style cauliflower with potatoes) ... snickers-stuffed monkey bread turkey necks with yellow rice, ©2017 CRECIPE.COM ‐ All rights reserved, images owned by us or indexed sites. height: 0; body#layout #header div.section#social-header { position: relative; .social-footer a { border-radius: 100%; color: #161616; } #comments .user { -webkit-transition: 0.45s ease; } padding-bottom: 0; /* WIDGET : FEEDS */ .caption2 .featured-overlay .post-date:before { .related-snippets{ display: block; .topbar.sticking { } line-height: 35px; } .paragraph-justify { } .page-404 { .instagram:before { content: '\f16d'; } } padding: 2px 0 8px; } 0% { #comments { } Good appetite! background-color: #ef9d87; } color: #4e4d4c; td.visible-xs{display:table-cell !important;} border-left: 1px solid #eeeeee; color: #a5a5a5; } left: 0; font-size: 20px; height: 50px; In the video, she offers you tips and tricks to make that recipe even easier. border: 1px solid #eeeeee; a:hover{outline:none;} text-transform: capitalize !important; display: inline-block; -webkit-transform: translate(-50%,-50%); #promo-col3 { .text-right { Creamy smoky fish under a blanket of comforting mash, and an endless number of variations. .visible-print-inline{display:none !important;} a, display: inline-block; padding-left: 15px; .swiper-container-fade.swiper-container-free-mode .swiper-slide{-webkit-transition-timing-function:ease-out;-moz-transition-timing-function:ease-out;-ms-transition-timing-function:ease-out;-o-transition-timing-function:ease-out;transition-timing-function:ease-out;} Place the salmon and peas into the casserole dish. } padding-top: 30px; .contact-form p { color: #161616; .swiper-slide.animated .featured-cat, 1% { letter-spacing:1px; } border-bottom: 1px solid #eeeeee; .promo_boxes .Image img:hover { float:none; top!unest!important; #loader{ display: block; padding-right: 20px; margin: 0; .topbar { .swiper-container-free-mode > .swiper-wrapper{-webkit-transition-timing-function:ease-out;-moz-transition-timing-function:ease-out;-ms-transition-timing-function:ease-out;-o-transition-timing-function:ease-out;transition-timing-function:ease-out;margin:0 auto;} } background: #f2f2f2; } } color: #4e4d4c; } .col-xs-push-11{left:91.66666667%;} z-index: 1; } margin-bottom: 6px!important; background-color: #ffffff; /* WIDGET : FLICKR GALLERY */ .row-gallery { .uil-squares-css > div:nth-of-type(6) > div { margin-bottom: 0; opacity: 0; } font-weight: 700; 08. bottom: 50%; .swiper-container-3d .swiper-slide-shadow-top, input[type="submit"]{-webkit-appearance:button;cursor:pointer;} .post-related.hidden { } .main-wrap.has-no-sidebar #main { overflow: hidden; Definitely what's for dinner tomorrow night at my house:-)Marie - if you have time, please can you post imperial measurements too for us in the US (I got signed in quicker than I thought). position: absolute; } } } font-size: 10px; left: 0; .col-md-push-12{left:100%;} HEADER color: #fbe2dd; text-transform: uppercase; .col-sm-pull-7{right:58.33333333%;} .col-lg-offset-12{margin-left:100%;} font-weight: 700; } .post .single .post-entry .tr-caption-container img { position: relative; text-transform: uppercase; color: #4e4d4c; height: 1px; } --> margin-bottom: 0; padding: 20px; border: 0 !important; } padding-right: 5px; With pastry blender or using two knives scissors-fashion, cut in … visibility: visible; .single .post .post-actions .post-share span { bottom:0; } Cobbler (food), a type of pie; Cobbler, a type of mixed drink made with wine or sherry, citrus juice and sugar z-index: 1; background: #ffffff; border-bottom: 1px solid #eeeeee; max-width: 480px; text-align: center; .featured-overlay .featured-post-meta { } } font-family: "Playfair Display", serif; width: 100%; display: none; .col-xs-4{width:33.33333333%;} #comments .comment-thread > ol li:last-child { -ms-transform: translateY(0); } figcaption, padding: 11px 21px !important; background-color: #ef9d87; } margin-right: -1px; font-size: 18px; margin-right: 30px; height: 20px; line-height: 21px; background-color: #e8e8e8; box-sizing: border-box; } -moz-animation: uilsquare 1s linear infinite; } .featured-overlay { td.visible-sm{display:table-cell !important;} } color: #ef9d87; padding-right: 0; position: relative; font-style: normal; line-height: 1.7; width: 100%; display: block; line-height: 1.7; position: relative; -moz-transform: rotate(4-5deg); display: none; -webkit-animation-delay: 0.75s; } display: none; text-align: left; .widget .follow-widget li a:before, margin-bottom: 20px; margin-bottom: 20px; text-align: center; font: normal normal 18px 'Montserrat', sans-serif; width: 50% !important; body#layout #promo-col2, font: normal normal 18px 'Montserrat', sans-serif; display: block; Get one of our Fish stew (good housekeeping) recipe and prepare delicious and healthy treat for your family or friends. } .col-lg-offset-2{margin-left:16.66666667%;} "; /* ================================================================= ================================================*/ margin-left: -15px; Play nice. PAGE TEMPLATES text-align: center; } margin-bottom: 30px; text-align: center; .post-block .item { body#layout #content:before { font: normal normal 18px 'Montserrat', sans-serif; -webkit-box-sizing: border-box; height: auto !important; text-align: center; font-size: 18px; } .featured-area.hidden { -moz-transition: .25s ease-in-out; #comments .deleted-comment { /* ================================================== user-select: initial; 05. margin-bottom: 20px; } font: normal normal 14px 'Montserrat', sans-serif; font-size: 11px; background: #f0f0f0; margin-right: auto; .related-wrapper{ } cursor: pointer; } } letter-spacing: 1px; Short, daily video tips from Susan Westmoreland, Good Housekeeping magazine’s Food Editor. -moz-border-radius: 2px; } .widget.Feed li .item-date, margin-left: 70px; margin-top: 20px; font-size: 13px; } vertical-align: middle; #comment-holder { position: relative; padding-right: 8px; font-style: italic; height: 45px; background: #fbe2dd; z-index: 5; padding-right: 5px; } } } .header-content .logo { } display: block; .post .single .post-author .author-img img { .col-sm-3{width:25%;} text-align:center; -webkit-transition: 0; } tr.visible-lg{display:table-row !important;} .container { display: block !important;
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